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MarginFuel is now integrated with Wheels Car Rental System

by MarginFuel, on Jul 8, 2022 8:59:00 AM

The MarginFuel team is pleased to announce a new partnership with Wheels Car Rental System, a provider of management system integrations. Wheels Car Rental System is a cloud-based software with a customer base of about 800 car rental businesses in 75 countries. The connection between Wheels Car Rental System and MarginFuel fully integrates the two solutions together, making MarginFuel’s price optimisation seamless for Wheels users.

“Wheels is one of the leading CRMs in the industry so having this integration is a huge benefit to our customers and the MarginFuel team,” said Andrew Pascoe, CEO of MarginFuel. “Our partnership ensures that operators using the Wheels Car Rental System can keep their prices optimised and maximise their revenue.”

We are continuously investing in our research and development to provide customers with the tools they need to increase their end-to-end performance in the rental chain," said Vassilis Devletoglou, CEO and founder of Wheelsys. “MarginFuel’s innovative pricing and demand forecasting solution can offer our customers a huge advantage in negotiating the dynamic car rental market and help them make smarter pricing decisions that really increase revenue.”


MarginFuel meeting with the Wheels Car Rental System team in Athens in April 2022