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About Us

About Us

  • The MarginFuel team brings together over 500,000 hours of extensive predictive modelling and price optimisation experience from across the tourism industry and has encapsulated this in the MarginFuel product suite.
  • Our world class pricing experts have successfully managed pricing programmes at Tier 1, mid-size and high growth smaller operators.
  • Our technology infrastructure handles data at scale making millions of forecasts and price recommendations daily across our customer network, culminating in 6% - 10% revenue gains year on year
  • Our data scientists are recognised machine learning and AI experts
  • We pride ourselves on being customer centric  - easy implementation and products that do what they say they will do
  • Include MAAS statement

What we do

MarginFuel provides intelligent price optimisation software that empowers rental vehicle operators to build profitable pricing strategies, on average delivering 6% - 10% revenue gains year on year.

Advanced forecasting and AI technology is delivered in a seamless, easy-to-use interface that provides you with a competitive edge. MarginFuel is not a ‘race to the bottom’ automated approach to pricing, but empowers our customers with the ability to anticipate where the market is going, so you can react faster than your competitors and make the smart plays.

MarginFuel’s solutions are backed by an expert team, including data scientists recognised for their machine learning and AI expertise. These world-class experts have successfully managed pricing programmes at Tier 1, mid-size and high-growth smaller operators, racking up over 500,000 hours of predictive modelling and price optimisation experience from across the tourism industry, including rental vehicle operators.

This deep experience is baked into the MarginFuel product suite. Our technology infrastructure handles data at scale, making millions of forecasts and price recommendations daily across our customer network.

We are also extending into providers offering MaaS (mobility-as-a-service), providing predictive modelling, fleet flow optimisation and dynamic pricing capability.


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Andrew Pascoe

Founder and CEO

Andrew is the founder of MarginFuel. Prior to building MarginFuel he played a major role in developing and implementing highly successful price optimisation programmes at Air New Zealand, KiwiRail and Interislander.

There would be few people in the world with more experience in dynamic pricing, especially in the tourism sector.

Find out more about Andrew on his LinkedIn page. 

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Steven Allerby

Director and COO

Steven has a strong background in transportation and other commercial sectors, having worked with a number of New Zealand's largest companies including KiwiRail, Keolis Group, NZ Transport Agency, along with ANZ and Contact Energy. He has also worked overseas with multinationals such as Pfizer and WPP Advertising.


Find out more about Steven on his LinkedIn page. 

Charlie Daily - bright

Charlie Daily

Director and Head of Business Development

Charlie joined the MarginFuel team in early 2017 as a Wellington-based investor, and brings to the table a wide experience in working with companies that have successfully executed significant growth opportunities.

Charlie's previous roles include Chief Executive of Promisia Integrative Limited, a mainboard listed entity on the NZ Stock Exchange. Under his leadership, Promisia experienced sales growth of over 600%, which resulted in the company’s market capitalisation increasing by over 500%.

Charlie will be instrumental in helping MarginFuel realise its strategic growth ambitions and review its forward capital requirements. As of early 2019, he has taken on a full-time role leading the business development.

Find out more about Charlie on his LinkedIn page.


Jeremy Rosenstock


Jeremy wrote his first program in 1978, and has been hooked on technology ever since.

Jeremy was the national manager for the support and continuous delivery team at Intergen. Prior to that, he was the development chapter lead for the payments team at TradeMe, responsible for all their payment platforms (Paynow, Ping, and Paystation). 

Find out more about Jeremy on his LinkedIn page. 

Chris Myers MarginFuel profile

Chris Myers

External Advisor

Chris has significant experience in tourism with global leadership responsibilities for strategy, commercial, sales and marketing, and operations.
He has been CEO of JUCY rentals in New Zealand and is a board member for New Plymouth Airport. Before this Chris spent 20 years with Air New Zealand. The first half of his time at Air New Zealand was setting up digital sales stream and then he spent 10 years offshore as Regional General Manager in Japan, Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

Find out more about Chris on his LinkedIn page. 


Katy Pfeifer

Product Manager & Strategy

Katy has a strong background in software product management and experience with high-growth companies. She has spent time in Germany developing products for companies like Brose, Allianz, Deutsche Bahn and PGA of America. She returned to Wellington to found Town Square, an events technology company, where she led the product development strategy.
Katy has a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, studied at EMLYON Business School, Zhejiang University and Purdue University. She has broad international experience and speaks six languages, including German and Spanish.
Find out more about Katy on her LinkedIn page. 


Alienor Izri

Car rental revenue management, fleet and pricing expert

Alienor is an experienced car rental revenue manager across corporate and independent operator brands, both in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Alienor is a super user of the MarginFuel platform.

Find out more about Alienor on her LinkedIn page. 

Zhamal Ulbashev-3

Zhamal Ulbashev

Head of Data

Zhamal started his IT career as a software developer in 2008 in Moscow. He was the CTO at Rosan Finance, the largest credit card production manufacturer in Eastern Europe, before he moved to New Zealand in 2014.

In New Zealand Zhamal moved his focus to database development, and was the Database Team Lead at Vizexplorer before he joined MarginFuel in 2019.

Zhamal is passionate about prime numbers and has spent hundreds of hours trying to nail the riddles no one has solved yet.

Find out more about Zhamal on his LinkedIn page. 

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