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Partners & Integrations

Central Reservation System (CRS) Integrations

Central reservation systems (CRS) are the hub for rental vehicle operations, centralising all the administrative, booking, rates and fleet dataHowever, CRS systems lack the technology required to set optimised prices at scale across all distributions channels, using the latest Forecast technology.   

This is where MarginFuel steps in as the software solution to solve the pricing and forecast pain points, using priority algorithms and models with the latest technology. 

The MarginFuel platform integrates with CRS systems in two ways: 

1) Pulls selected booking, demand and fleet data directly from your CRS. This data is then used as some of the base inputs into the MarginFuel models and algorithms. 

2) Pushes MarginFuel optimised prices (by channel, location, vehicle etc) back to your CRS, at which points these prices are live across all your distribution channels. 

With MarginFuel, optimised price updates to and from your CRS are automatic and real-time.   

MarginFuel uses the latest integration technologies and has mature and well-honed processes to ensure integration is fast and simple. All the integration set-up is completed with our partners, so this means for our customers the process is largely hands-free.  

MarginFuel can integrate with any CRS system, including in-house (bespoke) systems. 

If you would like to partner with us, please contact us. 

Wholesale Pricing Agents

Wholesalers play a key part in our customers' distribution strategies, giving rental vehicle operators global reach with their ability to access a network of travel agents and other travel suppliers. 

MarginFuel automatically distributes prices directly to a network of global Wholesalers, with optimised prices being pushed from MarginFuel to the Wholesaler in various formats including real-time APIs, along with flat files such as CSV format.

Importantly, along with distribution, the MarginFuel software optimises prices at the Wholesale channel level, ensuring specific strategies can be set up against a wide range of different sales channels.

Online Travel Aggregators (OTAs)

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are one of the largest distribution channels for rental vehicle operators. Using a combination of Google optimisation and direct and indirect marketing (just to name a few), OTAs can attract customers from all over the world and are an important partner for both domestic and international pricing strategies. 

The global reach and marketing sophistication of OTAs comes at a cost for rental vehicle operators in the form of commission payments, which is why it is important to view channel distribution holistically; the Machine Learning and A.I. capabilities of the MarginFuel software does this.  

MarginFuel can facilitate optimised inventory (fleet) distribution strategies that help rental vehicle operators release the right level of fleet to an OTA channel at the right time, maximising revenue and margin. 

Another feature of MarginFuel is optimising prices on any OTA channel, ensuring rental vehicle operators maximise both revenue and margin. 

MarginFuel integrates with existing OTA distribution technology, including APIs, but also other formats such as CSV, txt etc as required. 

Global Distribution Systems (GDSs)

Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) are networks that enable transactions between rental vehicle operators and travel agencies using largely real-time inventory. 

GDSs are in most instances complementary distribution channels as part of a rental vehicle operator's wider channel and distribution strategy. 

Much like MarginFuel’s OTA capability noted above, the MarginFuel software can optimise revenue and margin by maximising price and inventory distribution via existing GDS channels. 

MarginFuel has the experience to set up and connect to the wide array of GDS integrations, both independently and as part of a corporate process. Methods include API, CSV, txt etc as required.

Industry Partners

Auto Rental News 

MarginFuel is proud to partner with Auto Rental News (ARN). MarginFuel has been working alongside ARN for several years, supplying industry research and content for the ARN website, advertising in various publications including the renowned ARN Factbook, and supporting the annual International Car Rental Show, both as a premium sponsor, keynote speaker and industry expert. 

About Auto Rental News 

Auto Rental News provides content for the car and truck rental industry with their website. ARN online reaches the full spectrum of the auto rental industry, from independent operators and franchisees to major corporate locations in the business, leisure and insurance replacement markets. The website’s market scope reaches beyond the magazine’s U.S. distribution and is the only website to serve the auto rental industry worldwide. contains industry news updated daily, in-depth feature stories, market statistics, the Auto Focus blog and contributed editorials. If you're not already receiving Auto Rental News in print, Subscribe Now. You can also sign up or learn more about ARN's two email newsletters, Reporter and Global Reporter, by clicking here. 



MarginFuel is proud to be an industry partner with ACRISS. Global standardisation of industry specific terminology (jargon) and technical integration is something MarginFuel has been working on for the past 18 months, and partnering with ACRISS provides standardisation of vehicle codes for MarginFuel customers and global partners such as OTAs. 


ACRISS members utilise an industry standard vehicle matrix to define car models ensuring a like-to-like comparison of vehicles. This easy-to-use matrix consists of four categories. Each position in the four-character vehicle code represents a definable characteristic of the vehicle. This vehicle matrix makes it possible to have 400 vehicle types. Car codes are created by assigning one character from each column and combining them into a four-character car code.