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Lou Vraca, Revenue Director Australia and New Zealand, Thrifty Car Rental (a division of NRMA)

"Using the MarginFuel software has delivered real results to our business.  We have seen consistent increases in revenue from both yield and volume strategies, along with improved utilisation.  All the revenue increases have effectively dropped straight to the bottom line.   

The MarginFuel software can easily handle the complexity and scale of our pricing strategies and this allows us to position ourselves correctly in the market. We have also gained significant time savings from using the software as it has removed the need to do repetitive administrative tasks, which has allowed my team to focus their time on strategic direction. 

With MarginFuel we can update our optimised rates multiple times a day quickly and easily, and it has also allowed us to centralise all our multinational pricing operations. As an example, it used to take one day to update a small portion of all our live rates but using MarginFuel we can easily update millions of optimised rates in minutes. 

Importantly, we use the MarginFuel forecasting module and this allows us to get accurate visibility of forward utilisation at a daily level for each category and location. The MarginFuel forecast is a key component of our pricing strategies. 

Our business is well supported by the MarginFuel team who provide us with fantastic customer support and we really enjoy working with them."



Ezi Car Rental

"At Ezi Car Rental we have been using MarginFuel for the past year.  The MarginFuel team are specialists in the rental vehicle industry and this meant the initial configuration was simple and it ensured the software was set-up to our requirements.     

We have been able to consistently deliver an increase in revenue across all sales channels using MarginFuel, and in addition to this we have been able to drive higher utilisation across all our locations. Time saving is another benefit with the system effectively acting as a fleet and pricing platform, which means we have all the data inputs we need to optimally price our fleet in one central system.  

What I see as the biggest benefit of the system is the demand forecasting module.  We run our pricing and fleet strategies off the MarginFuel forecast and this gives us clear insights into future booking trends at a daily level for all our fleet, across all our locations.  

All this data is reported clearly in the MarginFuel Analytics where we can quickly and easily get actionable insights into the market, demand trends and booking activity. What I really appreciate from MarginFuel is the excellent and very reactive customer support. Any query is pretty much acknowledged within the hour and resolve very promptly. 

In summary, I have worked with several systems during my career and MarginFuel is the best I have used, and importantly, it delivered tangible results to our business from day one."



Brendan McKenna, GM, Jucy Australia

"Since implementing the MarginFuel product for the JUCY Australia business, we have seen strong revenue growth and massive efficiency gains in our pricing processes. I love the fact that it's not a ‘black box’ solution and that we can customise our pricing strategies within the MarginFuel software.  It allows us to optimise the balance of market prices and our utilisation and forecast utilisation.

MarginFuel has certainly exceeded our expectations and it’s a critical part of our business."  


Orlando Lobo, Pricing and Yield Manager, Jucy Rentals New Zealand

"Having worked for over 20 years in global revenue manager roles in the airline industry before joining Jucy, I have worked with many revenue management and dynamic pricing tools. MarginFuel has been the best price optimisation tool I have used in my career. MarginFuel takes the complexity of car rental pricing and channel optimisation and makes it easy.

I am always optimised at the right balance of market and demand/supply and I can set my strategies in the Optimiser with the tool doing all the data, forecasting and optimisation heavy lifting. Its been a game changer for us and I strongly recommend MarginFuel for car rental operators."



Matt Montgomerie, Business Manager, Bargain Car Rentals

"My experience with the team at MarginFuel has been nothing short of brilliant. Using the MarginFuel software has enabled our business to increase revenue and improve our fleet utilisation rates, along with realising cost savings, and enabling better management of time & resources. 

MarginFuel has allowed our business to focus on our strengths and allowed the time, effort and frustration of old manual processes to be handled and effectively managed by a system that is easy to use, customisable and extremely capable. The system allows for customisation so that enabled us to set it up to best suit out business, rather than being an out of the box program which is restrictive and inflexible.  

The MarginFuel team are fantastic across all facets, from their knowledge of the industry, to implementation and customer support.  The team worked with us to best tailor the software to our needs. I love that MarginFuel has made sure we are competitive and properly priced in the market, while also saving us a lot of time and money. 

I cannot rate this product highly enough."



Tony McDonald, Owner, Hertz Franchise Maroochydore

"The team at MarginFuel are fantastic, one of the best industry partners I have worked with.  Firstly, the initial onboarding of the MarginFuel software was seamless, and the ongoing support I get from the team is second to none. 

I use MarginFuel daily to optimise and set the rates for all my vehicles across each of my locations.  My strategies are based on the competitor market and use the MarginFuel Forecast module which ensures I am priced against my own demand profile, all of which is easily managed within the system. 

The flexibility of the software allows me to experiment with various pricing strategies, of which the results are easily measured and adjusted as required. I have seen a strong increase in YoY revenue each month since I started using the software and at this helped us achieve the number 1 ranking by revenue in our on-airport location, something we are very proud of. 

Using the software has also saved me hours of pricing and rate upload admin each day, and the system easily integrates to our global rates distribution engine."

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Chris Speirs, Sales Manager, Sixt Car Rental New Zealand

"The team and I at Sixt have been using the MarginFuel software for over 2 years. From the outset the MarginFuel team has been fantastic to work with and we were onboarded quickly and easily, and the software was configured to our needs within two weeks.    

Our business has seen consistent revenue increases using the software, we have been able to focus on strategic use of data instead of using hours on correlating raw data into usable information, which in a dynamic environment is essential. We were able to build our own pricing strategies against the competitor market across both the direct and OTA channels, with MarginFuel being very receptive as to how we wanted to go about this. We were able to use a multitude of metrics to align our strategy based on our specific plan. 

We are also impressed with the MarginFuel Analytical suite which was tailormade to look at the elements that we wanted to focus on as it provides us a deep view of all our key sales and demand metrics which enables us to manage our business more effectively."


Reto Klaentschi, Director Revenue Management, Hertz Switzerland  (Ex Director of Pricing, Hertz Asia Pacific)    

"Across my 20+ years of rental car pricing experience, this is the best pricing and yield software I have used."





Francis Mueller, Fleet Logistics Manager, Escape Campervans North America

"Our MarginFuel partnership has helped vault our growth in the North American Campervan market and we view MarginFuel as a critical component in our future plans. Along with accurate and flexible market intelligence and price optimisation in our direct channels, especially important to our success has been the ability to automate and optimise our channel and agent pricing.

The MarginFuel agent platform is flexible and comprehensive, and it has handled all our needs. What used to be a full-time job is now fully automated and our agent's relationships have now become a primary driver of growth. I would also like to note that the MarginFuel team have been a pleasure to work with.  They are fast and efficient, but what sticks out for me is their experience and expertise at what they do. 

I strongly recommend MarginFuel."


"Since implementing the MarginFuel product for the JUCY Australia business, we have seen strong revenue growth and massive efficiency gains in our pricing processes. I love the fact that its not a ‘black box’ solution and that we can customise our pricing strategies within the MarginFuel software.  It allows us to optimise the balance of market prices and our utilisation and forecast utilisation. 

MarginFuel has certainly exceeded our expectations and it’s a critical part of our business."

Brendan McKenna, GM, Jucy Australia, June 2020


"The team at MarginFuel are vastly experienced in the field of price and demand optimisation for car and campervan rentals.  Our relationship with MarginFuel stretches over 10 years and the team at Jucy love the benefits and time savings that the MarginFuel system brings across our brand and geographic segments."

Tim, Jucy Group, June 2020