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Get the latest insights into Australia's car rental market

To switch between the four reports included in the Country Market Insights tool, use the page select arrows at the bottom-centre. To view the Country Market Insights tool in fullscreen, click the double-ended arrow at the bottom-right.

  • Flight Demand
    Provides visualisation of flight search data from leading industry partners, with a view to understanding future demand trends for the next 12 months, both by domestic and international search origin.
  • 7-Day Price Change
    Shows the 7-day price change for each future pick-up date. The visualisation of this data quickly highlights the pockets (dates) of significant price changes in the market, and can be overlaid with other data points such as flight demand and bookings.

  • Forward Market Pricing (FMP)
    Provides visualisation of daily prices of each selected brand for the next 12 months to help understand market pricing and positioning. FMP data can be user-defined by brand(s), location(s), vehicle category(s), pick-up date range and length of rental(s).
  • Historical Market Pricing (HMP)
    Provides visualisation of historical daily price build for a select few, pre-defined future pick-up dates to help understand competitor price behaviour. HMP data can be user-defined by brand(s), location(s), vehicle category(s), pick-up date range and length of rental(s).

Every effort has been made to display accurate data. Users are kindly requested to advise any issues by logging a support ticket here. This is a no reply email, and every endeavour will be made to investigate and rectify issues in a timely manner. Please see footnotes for more details.


Katy Pfeifer

MarginFuel Product & Customer Manager Asia Pacific

Katy is MarginFuel’s customer success executive in Asia Pacific, and in this role Katy has developed a deep knowledge of Australasian vehicle rental pricing and associated tourism trends and analysis. In addition to Katy’s background in tourism pricing, she has extensive experience in training and development programmes, implementation and software design.
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“Using the MarginFuel software has enabled our business to increase revenue and improve our fleet utilisation rates, along with realising cost savings, and enabling better management of time and resources."

Matt Montgomerie, Business Manager, Bargain Car Rentals

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