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Methodology, Data notes and Disclaimer — Global Country Market Insights


The map and charts are published by the MarginFuel data science team who have extracted and analysed a selected set of data from the MarginFuel data repository which contains tens of billions of data points. 

The extract used for this analysis contains over 75 million data points from over 100 online data sources.  The data is refreshed daily at noon New Zealand Standard Time.

World Map: The main purpose of the world map is to display the average daily price from selected rental car operators per location. The aggregated data for each calendar month is presented as an average across a selected three-month date period (these periods are outlined below).

Charts: The underlying methodology noted in the world map section above is also applicable to the charts.  The main purpose of the charts is to provide deeper analysis for each market.   

This deeper analysis provides additional granularity about the average price per location, calendar month and vehicle category, along with displaying the range of average prices from highest to lowest (selected sample of average prices to accurately reflect the pricing trend across all operators). 

General Notes 

Length of rental
  • Data displayed for each location is for a 3-day length of rental. 
Vehicle category 
  • Data displayed for each location is for five (5) common vehicle categories, being: 
    • Compact,  
    • Economy,  
    • Full-size,  
    • Intermediate, 
    • SUV. 
  • Underlying car type (make & model) data is mapped to commonly used vehicle categories (per above) using the internationally recognised SIPP code mapping table. 
Average prices 
  • Displayed in local currency. 
  • Displayed as gross price (commonly referred to sell price) and includes: 
    • Local taxes where applicable, 
    • Compulsory fees & charges, 
    • Base/basic level of Insurance. 
  • A minimum of 15 rental car operators per location. 
  • Charts 
    • Average prices can also be displayed in USD, 
      • Conversion from local currency to USD is made using a daily market spot rate. 
Data collection 
  • Data processed each day for the next one (1) year pick up dates. 
Price Change 
  • The average price for the current day is analysed against the average price from seven (7) days ago to derive the 7-day price change. 
  • 7-day price change key re-published below for reference: 7-day price change key

Data aggregation 
  • Average prices from all operators is aggregated on a calendar month basis. 
  • The aggregated data for each calendar month is presented as an average across a selected three-month date period:
    • 0-3 months
      • Today's date plus 3-months
    • 3-6 months
      • Last date from the 0-3 month period plus another 3-months
    • 6-9 months
      • Last date from the 3-6 month period plus another 3-months
    • 9-12 months
      • Last date from the 6-9 month period plus another 3-months
  • Inconsistent outlying data points were removed. 
  • The dataset was deemed large enough to draw reasonable conclusions. 
  • No delineation has been made between Domestic and International rental car customers. 

Demand Insights

MarginFuel's partnership with Skyscanner provides MarginFuel with access to flight search and check out (when a user searches for flight pricing for dates and locations and exits to the booking site) data for over 500 city destinations globally.

MarginFuel has analysed this data to show the cumulative number of check outs for selected locations for each future month and origin and compared against last year at the same time (e.g. cumulative check outs on 1st November 2020 for the following 12 months travel period compared to the same as at 1 November 2019). In addition we show the check outs made over the past 7 days for this year and last year to show the recent trends.

General Notes:

  • Data used in these charts is Skyscanner check out data which has traditionally had a high conversion rate against final bookings.
  • Data is updated daily.
  • Locations used are mapped to the locations used in the pricing insights section, however where there is more than one airport in a location, Skyscanner checkout data for all airports in that location is used.


  • The dataset is intended as a guide only.
  • The dataset is as accurate as possible at the time of publish, however, is subject to change due to the dynamic nature of global rental vehicle market.
  • The dataset does not denote demand.

Legal Disclaimer

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